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Systems Awareness in Coaching

July 1, 2019

Figure 1 - from Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)


Six levels of attention for the Systemic team Coach

  • Individual

    • Personal motivation, outcomes, beliefs and behaviours relating to team performance.

  • Inter-personal

    • Dealing with the relationships in the team

  • Team dynamics

    • How the team works together 

  • Team Tasks, Mission and Intent

    • Team purpose, tasks, outcomes, roles etc

  • Stakeholder relationships

    • Taking care of important stakeholders 

  • The wider system (P.E.S.T.L.E.)

    • The importance of conditions in the wider system, e.g. cultural, economic, political.

Whether you are coaching teams, leaders and / or individuals, how aware are you of the wider system and what impact your coaching dynamic might have?


As a Team (Agile) Coach, you may not have the remit to extend wider system relationships, as you are limited by the team you are working with - how do you deal with this and what conversation do you need to have.


Working with the 'Control Influence Accept Model' is a good starting point:


  • Control: identify the issues or elements of the situation that you control.

  • Influence: identify the elements that you can't control, but that you can influence.

  • Accept: identify the things that you can neither control nor influence, and adapt accordingly

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