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Why so many SAFe Courses

May 14, 2019

The number of SAFe courses offered by 

- Leading SAFe

- Implementing SAFe

- SAFe for Teams

- SAFe Scrum Master

- SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

- SAFe Release Train Engineer

- SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager

- SAFe DevOps

- SAFe for Government

- SAFe Agile Software Engineering

- SAFe for Architects

- Agile Product and Solution Management – BETA

- Lean Portfolio Management


I kept on asking myself - 

13 courses...very prescriptive?


Does this mean you need a course for -

  • SAFe for Healthcare

  • SAFe for TComms

  • SAFe for Financial Industry

  • SAFe for Banks

  • SAFe for Aviation

  • SAFe for Cyber Systems

Why can't there be just one course, so that everybody on the ART or in the Portfolio or Programme or in the organisation understands the same language?


Three levels - Portfolio (Epic), Program (Feature) & Teams (Stories), supported by incremental and iterative delivery of value. People within the three levels, teams, supported a shared understanding of what they need to deliver - ways of working etc.


What is a team - 'This is a small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, goals, and working approach for which the hold themselves mutually accountable' (Katzenbach & Smith).



Delivery of value supported by principles of product development - Flow, Economic View, Queues, Variability, Batch Size, WIP, Feedback, Decentralised Control (Principles of Product Development Flow by  Donald G. Reinertsen).


In my experience, it may sometimes appear that 'teams' have the 'agile framework' as their focus and accountable to the framework, rather than 'mutually accountable' to their common purpose.


Here's a contrast for you - Clarity vs Complicated & Confused:

The team, sitting on the bench, an open invitation to create their own horizon and what it means for them. Suspending - Habit, Ego & Fear


Lastly, another favourite of mine - Theory U, Otto Scharmer


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