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March 8, 2019

Images from today and a quick visit to Westfield in White City. I wasn't looking for these images, they found me.


How does that work?


My 'self' is open. Each new cycle trip to this location, however many times I've done it in the past holds a new viewpoint. 


I am a Zen Meditation & Mindfulness practitioner. I practice mindfulness, which means being Present, to have an awareness of your environment and within yourself, to engage with the emotions. 'YOU' are not your thoughts.


Being present, being open and not being attached to thoughts or emotions allows ideas or that creativeness to inhabit you.

I saw this image in Jigsaw. The service was really exciting, pleasant and engaging. 


This image ask me about 'how we frame our thinking'; are you limiting your creative thoughts based on what is fixed?


So as a Coach, I'm curious about helping people to shifting their 'frame of reference' for where they see themselves. Shifting a perspective to allow responsibility and choice.

Lastly, this image. Forks. "Four candles...?", I'm smiling at this famous comedy sketch.


The whole shop front display was a board of forks. So, forks - 'fork in the road'. A point in ones life where difficult or hard decisions are presented to you.


As I was editing this image, I became aware of the shadows created by the forks. Each fork having a different shadow. With so many different forks (decisions) in your life, how does one decision cast the shadows of consequence?


Consequences in your life based on decisions that you make.


Being mindful, being present and working with not just our thoughts, but also our emotions, intuition and embodied sense of knowing.


I am Coach and I help change habits, so you can transition to a new way of being and make transformational shifts that stick. At least stick to the next change that is required because we, our lives, our environment is changing constantly.


Let go, or be dragged. Zen Proverb


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