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Embodiment of Outstanding

February 27, 2019

I've been freelance since 1994 - 25 years as a freelance project manager, scrum master, coach. I've worked in a variety of industries: central & local government, NGO, SME, start-up's, corporate, MOD and charity.


From 1982 - 1994, I was in the Royal Air Force, leaving as SNCO Aircrew. The transition from military life to civilian life was hard. Amongst other things, the transition and the stuff that happened helped with my two divorces.


Out of this comes experiential learning, a determination and 'thick-skin' attitude. 


I've made lots of mistakes in my professional life and I've experienced teams coming together to deliver some excellent stuff.


I've been fired for speaking my mind; calling it out might be another way of putting it, calling out the 'nonsense' that other people air in private but not out in public.


I've been asked to leave contracts because I've challenged people in authority directly in large meetings. It's part of my DNA, my make up and I hasten to say, I am ware of this sub-personality of mine and what qualities it brings me. 


I do not fear challenging people, leaders or teams. A great coach should challenge and call it out. However, what I have learnt, is how to develop that challenge and feedback so that it lands and is taking on board, as an idea or a problem, that can be  accepted or understood. 


My somewhat brutish and confrontational manner does pop his head up from time to time. When this happens, I do ask myself - 'what is this telling me?'


I will continue to push boundaries on the degree of challenge, and with this comes the risk that I will fail in delivering that challenge appropriately. For me, as a risk taker, I accept that risk and have the resilience to cope and build upon failure.


Having the 'resilience to cope and build upon failure' - this is one of the top reasons why I coach. As a coach, I want to orientate myself so that I can help a client with achieving his or her most ambitious aspirations, i.e. by building in a level of resilience and learning to experience failure, not as a failure but as an opportunity to grow and gain wisdom.


Here's some of my other orientations that will shape an outstanding experience in our client-coach relationship:

  • to be authentic, open, honest and to lay out the ugly truth if need be

  • always being ethical and having high levels of professional integrity

  • being mindful, aware, grounded and focused

  • coming from a sense of service

  • I am not a GURU, I don't know it all and I'm willing to be vulnerable

  • I have the confidence to be valuable to you and will keep on building that confidence with professional development

  • I will not avoid difficult conversations just to preserve the relationship

So if you are looking for growth and change from the challenges that work or life is throwing at you, and you believe that this challenge is real and you believe you can work with me, then let us have a chat. 


I will also be asking - can I work with you?


Why this image below?


Here's my interpretation from how I experienced this image yesterday.


The shadows of your past beliefs, locking you in to the obstacles in front of you.


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