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Our Inner Compass

February 24, 2019

Image: Navigating a reality, the fog, the horizon - choice?


As humans, we are all naturally gifted with intuition, desire, imagination and a focus on doing what is good and in service of supporting others.


Some recognise these amazing gifts early in their life, whilst others that recognition may come later. And for those that are in the minority, have a rejection of what not might be positive and great about them. For the latter, there are lots of reasons for this: whether driven by fear, uncertainty, ambition, ego, guilt or other external factors.


Specifically as a Professional Coach, its healthy not to hold a judgement on people and what view they hold. As a coach, holding a conscious stance that each of us have huge potential and that we are all diverse, unique, individuals with a variety of colourful past, and an equally weighted unwritten future.


A coach, through presence, mindfulness and holding a sense of curiosity will be instinctively driven by his / her inner compass. Our inner compass has a natural focus on health, purpose, growth and happiness.


Areas of purpose and growth don’t have to be linear. Growth is just not confined to the corporate career ladder, although that is very important for some, it can be about spiritual, transpersonal growth. Growing your own sense of how we are, as creatures that inhabit this one planet, sharing a connection that through how we are at the local level, that resonates through national and international levels of consciousness.


Growth at the individual level resonates that inner compass through the organisational culture. From the start-up to the enterprise, organisations have an inner compass, defined by the leadership of that business. Or for the leadership and employees that join companies, can the collective, existing compass alter and change the compass of those new people. Like a magnetic or metal interference that shifts the accuracy and true direction of where their compass is pointing them. Whether for good or bad.


For me, as a coach, it’s about holding a reflective, curious focus that creates a shift and recognition in people when they believe or have an inclination that their inner compass is off course. The pockets of ‘off-ness’ that percolates and bubbles up to the surface, causing those ‘a-ha’ or ‘is this it’ moments, highlight the recognition that the compass is not working or skewed.


It’s very hard to hear yourself when you are internalising a thought. The various parts of our thinking our at odds by the very being that are creating these thoughts.


We all have a finite amount of purpose, growth and happiness in us. Like a candle that burns: if it’s burning the wrong energy, using up the wax of life that fades as we progress the epoch of our short but what could be our fantastic lives. When the wax is used and the wick is no more, like the candle, the light goes out. It’s out. It’s gone. The chance to grow, have purpose and be happy is extinguished: for this life that is. 


Make the most of what you have, build upon and accept what you have. Growth is possible but has many directions, like that of our compass; we have 360 degrees of choice. Each choice will lead somewhere, what you make of this journey is down to you.


What you make of the place you are in now or where it could be is a result of the choices that you make. You have choices. Yes. No. Not now. Each choice made, each Yes, each No, each Yes BUT not now, all have a consequence.

Listen to your inner compass.


Listening is not easy. It’s hard and like finding your way, navigating and map reading your way through your day to day. It’s difficult and stuff gets in the way: low cloud, fog, night, accidents, road-works, roadblocks and the unfamiliar.


A coach who gives you an answer: his answer, their direction is not serving you well. You have to find your own answers, your own truth and own sense of what is right.


Listen. Listen. Listen

Intuition, imagination and the narrative

And desires.

Sensation, emotion and feeling

Imagine, thought and your Will

Listen. Listen. Listen.

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