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The Inner Game - Self 1 & Self 2?

February 22, 2019

Who is in charge - Self 1 or Self 2?

Self 2 - The often quiet inner voice of trust and belief in self and one's own potential. Characteristics such as:

- relaxed concentration

- focused

- present

- calm

- self belief


Self 1 - The loud inner voice of the Judge or Critic. Characteristics such as:

- anxious

- perfectionist

- fear of failing

- tense, angry, uptight

- does not trust Self 2


Both Self 1 & 2* are there to support and serve you but in different ways. So when you look at what you want from your professional or personal life, ask yourself - who is charge - Self 1 or Self 2?


Professional Success?

  • make changes or advance my career.

  • strategic planning for my business or endeavour.

  • more effective in the way I work or manage my business.

  • develop my ideas into work that is both financially and personally rewarding.

  • become a stronger leader and learn how to better manage people.

  • determine appropriate action steps that will allow me to meet my goals.

  • structure and organize my workday and schedule so I can get more done in less time.

Personal Growth?

  • improve my productivity and time management skills.

  • establish stronger boundaries so that my time and energy are respected by others.

  • more compassionate and less critical of myself and others.

  • crucial issues, conflicts or situations that I need to address in my life.

  • develop a greater understanding of my life and my role in connection to something larger.

  • improve my confidence and improve my sense of self-worth.

  • create a life plan that will help me to design the life I want.

  • spinning in overwhelm and need help to get my life under control.

  • a purpose or a gift that I am meant to share, but I need help figuring out what that is.

  • identify and assess what my personal wants and needs are for fulfillment and satisfaction.

  • cultivate a sense of gratitude and grace in my life.

  • better prioritize my goals and responsibilities.

  • break through the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving my goals.

  • better ways to deal with difficult people in a constructive manner.

  • develop and nurture my creativity in a way that fulfills me.

Whether its professional or personal growth or both, please get in touch to have a no obligation, confidential chat about how I can help you.


My Self 1 is telling me now that this Blog is not perfect, spend at least another 3 hours on it making 'just perfect'. From my Improvisation work - 'it's good enough'.


Thanks for reading. Mark


* - Tim Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis









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