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Personal Performance Coaching:


I am keen to keep the personal coaching engagement clean, simple and with a real focus.


I don’t want to waste your time, your money if there’s no engagement from your side. There has to be a real need from you. I am therefore quite direct and honest in my coaching approach, with a purposeful approach to coaching conversations that are based on courage, passion, integrity and curiosity.


My questions will be challenging and will ask you to navigate that deeper part of you, your sense of ‘who am I?’ and at times it will feel uncomfortable. I will take you to an area of discomfort so that you can learn and grow.


Coaching with me will get you from the place you are now [ enter your own language ] to where you want to be. Together we will drive out and map out courageous goals which YOU will achieve and this will transform you.


Resonance, rapport and a collaborative sense of adventure will form the basis of our coaching relationship. I offer an initial 60-minute consultation and should we find we can work together, then in partnership, we will evolve your journey.